In July 2017, DECIDES TT launched a call for proposals to support projects aiming at safeguarding and promoting the rights of LGBTI in TT. The specific objectives of the call were: to enhance the advocacy and lobbying policies and activities of local CSOs in the field of LGBTI rights; to raise awareness on LGBTI rights and discrimination in the country; to strengthen knowledge and capacities of competent authorities on LGBTI issues; to promote dialogue among different groups and stakeholders including women’s organizations and organizations dealing with GBV.

The sub-grant was awarded to the project: “Redefining The Politics of Gender” which is a collaborative initiative to create a well-resourced, participative community based movement with expertise in guiding local policy, influence global processes and transform contemporary dialogue on gender politics.


Generating knowledge is the force that drives change. The belief that the right story, told at the right time, by the right person, using the right technology, and as such, this advocacy initiative, grounded on educating and reasoning will potentially influence critical masses.

The subgrant was awarded to Friends for Life, (FFL) in partnership with Silver Lining Foundation (SLF). FFL and SLF are strategically poised LGBTI led and focused organizations, which will complement and strengthen GBV and LGBTI Rights efforts. The combination of these entities will assuredly bring existing networks together and thereby mutually build and develop sustainable engagements unto realizing success of our overall goals. |  Facebook: @SLFtt &

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